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In the world of style and fashion, what counts as excellence?

There is no one standard answer, but everyone will agree that your hair is one important factor in looking your best. Your hairstyle can redefine you as a person, giving you a different look and style, even if you change nothing else. This is why people invest so much money on hair products, from shampoos, to highlights to volumizers.

Walking into a salon, you are literally placing your looks and image in the hands of someone else. The question is, can they cope with the vision of beauty that you want to have? Can they see the potential that you have? Most people stick with what they know. They stick to the safe, unchanging, simple and recurring hairstyles that they always get. And this is because attempting to change could cause you a month or two of having an embarrassing look. But what if you can find a salon that can achieve the great looks that you are dreaming and will always provide quality service, giving you a look that will captivate all who see it? Would you take it?

When you are browsing and thinking about what hair salon and spa at Yonge and Eglinton to go to, would you settle for one that can’t visualize a future you, who cannot think and act on their own and provide a professional opinion on what suits you? Or would you rather go to the one salon that can present and deliver both?

Ergys Tafilica is an award-winning hairdresser and stylist whose works has been featured in the local and international scene. He is the founder and owner of Ergys Studio. This Yonge Eglinton hair salon and spa offers the best services as the hairdressers are all trained not only by Ergys, but by some of the top players in the fashion world including Toni & Guy and Vidal Sassoon. This team is trained to be able to style and cut every imaginable type of hair and have an eye for the best looks to pair with the contours of your face, to find the look that will best fit you. This makes it arguably the best hair salon and spa in the Yonge Eglinton area. Finding a salon that has created an impact in the fashion world is very hard to do, but you’ve found it here. Not only will they meet your request, for those who are unsure of what look he or she should have can trust our hairstylists to give them the best possible look. Rest assured it will always be excellent. Ergys Tafilica is an excellent stylist. And for Ergys, excellence is consistent.

Ergys Studios Services

Ergys Studio’s team comprises a diverse and experienced team of barbers, hairdressers and other hair styling experts. We offer a full range of service from hairstyling, to braiding, barber services for men, women and children and even bridal hair services. Schedule your appointment and get the amazing look that you are dreaming of. Explore our website to see the list of services that we offer for both men and women. We go well beyond just giving people a trim; we take initiative and listen to the needs of our clients and customers so that they can have a whole new level of beauty.

So if you want to visit the best hair salon and spa in the Yonge Eglinton area, come to our studio at 1005 Eglinton West, Toronto, Ontario. Call us at 1-647-340-1250 to schedule an appointment, get an estimate for our services or inquire about our studio.

Expect nothing but the best with Ergys Studio. Call us today!